2013 E350 BlueTEC®

Mercedes-Benz E350

Performance & Handling

3.0L BlueTEC® turbodiesel V-6 engine

V6 engineBlueTEC® clean diesel technology is the state of the art for all 50 states. The 3.0-liter turbodiesel V-6 delivers 210 hp, a massive 400 lb-ft of torque, and acceleration on par with many gasoline V-8s. Mercedes-Benz, pioneer of the original diesel car, has reinvented it without the noise, odor and emissions of old. By injecting a solution called AdBlue® into the exhaust, BlueTEC® reduces smog-causing NOx to harmless nitrogen and water vapor. And with better highway mpg than some competitors' 4-cylinders and hybrids, if offers a cruising range of nearly 700 miles.

7-speed automatic transmission

7-Speed Automatic TransmissionThe industry's first 7-speed automatic transmission remains one of the most versatile automatics on the market. A wide range of closely spaced gear ratios delivers the ideal response for virtually every driving situation, for smooth cruising, quick acceleration, and thanks to two overdrive ratios, better highway fuel efficiency. Adaptive logic monitors your driving style and adjusts its shift points to match, while Touch Shift control offers manual-style shifting enjoyment anytime you want it.


E350 BlueTEC® Sedan

Sport styling

E350 Sport Distinctive wheels and body detailing set apart the E-Class Sport Sedans. Up front, a bold 3-bar grille and standard LED Daytime Running Lamps present an aggressively sporty first impression. The sport-tuned suspension gives it a confident stance, set off by expressive sculpting of its bumpers and side sills. Inside the cabin, countless details from its instrumentation to its trim choices express its more performance-focused character.

Bold styling

With a modern interpretation of design cues made iconic by its legendary predecessors, the E-Class Sedans deliver style that's both timeless and trendsetting. Bold lines stretch from the chiseled, arrow-shaped hood and signature four-lamp face to the sculpted rear quarters whose contours pay homage to the classic "Ponton" Mercedes of the 1950s.

Luxury styling

Elegant wheels and a crisp, chrome-plated 4-bar rendering of the classic Mercedes-Benz grille convey the refined aura of an E-Class Luxury Sedan. Refined cabin appointments present countless technological advances with a style evoking the deep E-Class heritage.


11-way air bag protection

11-Way Air Bag ProtectionAn advanced system of 9 air bags offers 11-way occupant protection. Dual two-stage front air bags, front side-impact air bags, front pelvic air bags, a driver's knee air bag, and window curtain air bags for both seating rows are standard.

NECK PRO® front head restraints

In the case of a rear impact exceeding a preset threshold, NECK PRO® front head restraints move forward and slightly upward, reducing the distance between the head restraints and the heads of front-seat occupants. This action helps to reduce the possibility or severity of whiplash-type neck injuries.


ATTENTION ASSISTThe first system of its kind, ATTENTION ASSIST® continuously monitors different parameters of driving behavior, and can automatically alert the driver with both visual and audible warnings if it detects signs of drowsiness on long trips.

LED Daytime Running Lamps

Bright white LED Daytime Running Lamps help increase the visibility of your vehicle to oncoming traffic by illuminating front lights whenever the car is switched on. With long life and low energy consumption, the light-emitting diode (LED) lamps also add a distinctive high-tech styling touch.


Mercedes-Benz Instability DetectionA Mercedes-Benz first, PRE-SAFE® can detect instability during certain vehicle maneuvers that suggest a collision or rollover is imminent. It can then tighten the front seat belts, adjust the front passenger seat, and close the windows and sunroof, all in an effort to better prepare the occupants and restraints in the moments before a collision. If no accident occurs, the seat-belt tensioners reverse, and you simply readjust your seat, open the sunroof and continue on your way.

Power tilt/sliding tinted glass sunroof

Power Tilt Tinted SunroofAt the touch of a button, the tinted glass sunroof tilts up at the rear for ventilation, or slides open for a breezy view of the sky. An express feature fully opens or closes the roof with a single touch, and a manual sliding sunshade helps block out unwanted sunlight.

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